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Go BIG or Go HOME!

Forget the skinny jeans and slim-fit shirts: baggy style is back, and in a big way. If you were to try and formulate a snappy tagline for the current mood in fashion wear, you might come up with something along the ...

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Fashion Person 101

People often stop me asking about my outfits & styles, and I’ve been approached by a few for fashion tips & consultancy. For that, recently my blogs orientation has been twisted & spiced by adding my ...

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Marching to the beat of your own drum is the best way to strike a new fad in fashion. You don’t have to be a celebrity to make a fashion statement, just stay true to yourself & choose clothes that reflect ...

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Do you still think of me?

Fashion is becoming more mixed and it’s less about women or men’s fashion and more about personal and genderless style. The lines between female and male fashion are getting more and more blurred due to the street ...

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It only takes one piece to take your athleisure look from gym to street. A denim shirt tied up above the waist, unique Jewelery pieces around the neck, an old school vintage cropped top bra… the key is that ...

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Dare to be Bold

The lines between casual and formal attire are blurring and go in opposite directions. Recently though, the trend is starting to be tweaked or dare I say, broken – once in a while. Where a mix and match of ...

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Let Me See Through

This new PVC, translucent, transparent, see-through, whatever you want to call them raincoats have came in handy to eliminate the “covering up your outfit” obstacle that we tend to face due to bad weather obstacles. ...

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