Arwa TM

Street Art…A Tool for Change!

Street art, and those who create it – those who dare, dream, fight, question and challenge, whether it be for rebellion or for necessity, for the past and for the future, for no reason and for vital ones, for themselves and for a greater good. Street art began in a place of rebellion, and speaks of spiritual survival. It was often the only tool of the poverty stricken, the disenfranchised, to communicate their stories, their sense of place. When you have nothing, being able to “claim” a wall, marks your sense of ownership of your place, your town. It’s a mark to claim humanness, and a marker for the future. Walking through the grungy streets of Gemmayze, I thought of how my “streetstyle”, “athleisure”, whatever you want to call it look, is actually a mean of personal expression of what symbolizes me. This shot here, speedy, but sleek, captures the essence of urban minimalism created by urban masterminds with a knack for showcasing their work on a random surface, that wouldn’t otherwise catch your eye. To me, this is where culture starts! Expressing yourself be it in the way you dress, how you style things, creating art on random walls… This is me, this is who I AM!