Arwa TM

Creating Healthy Habits

Creating healthy habits can be tough; most people want to lose weight, get fitter, or get healthier. Finding balance in everything we choose is the secret to our happiness.

When we start to make health a priority, we sometimes drift a little too far in one direction; we can start to exercise a little too long, a little too often, and feel guilty if we miss a workout or have dessert. Finding balance is challenging, but crucial. Go hard but chill hard too.  When it comes to food; eat big salads and lots of proteins during the week and enjoy a burger on the weekend. Do not compare what people around you are eating. Instead, listen to your own body and act upon it. Sometimes we have weeks where we are completely and utterly healthy and at other times we can find ourselves binge eating. You become the healthiest by enjoying and embracing both ends of the spectrum.

Not to forget that health is not just about what you are eating, it is also about what you are thinking and feeling. Accept who you are, stand in your shoes and be you. Treat yourself with love and respect. Say ‘no’ when things don’t feel right and say a big ‘yes’ when they do. Make sure you have meaningful and supportive relationships in your life, and do not get driven by society’s “must haves”. Our relationship with ourselves determines our relationship with everything else.

At the end of the day it is YOU who matters. You already have everything you need so lets create your own version of healthy!