Arwa TM

Fashion Person 101

People often stop me asking about my outfits & styles, and I’ve been approached by a few for fashion tips & consultancy. For that, recently my blogs orientation has been twisted & spiced by adding my personal touch & reflection.

Whether you’re headed to dinner, out and about, to work on a casual day, or to a night of events, there’s nothing easier than throwing on jeans and heels.

Wear a pair of single-soled pumps with a pair of well-loved jeans, and you’re set. It almost doesn’t matter what you have on top; with an oversized tee or a couture blouse, the combination of jeans and pumps gives your outfit a “on my way to a fashion show” verve.

And, while there are lots of ways to mix and match jeans with heels, there’s an advice I’d always give to master the balance: An above ankle pair of denim or a single/double cuff on the bottom of your jeans shows off the most important ingredient in this recipe: YOUR ANKLES! Not only that, but match it with a pair of low-cut pumps et voila!