Arwa TM

Go BIG or Go HOME!

Forget the skinny jeans and slim-fit shirts: baggy style is back, and in a big way. If you were to try and formulate a snappy tagline for the current mood in fashion wear, you might come up with something along the lines of “The Bigger the Better”, or perhaps “Large and in Charge”. This largesse is particularly visible at the provocateur-ish end of the style spectrum. I came to realize that the biggest designers with their knee-skimming T-shirts, drop shoulder sleeves and statement 1990s-inspired sneakers, seem to be asking themselves not just “Can we make it bigger?” but “How big can we go?” The female fashion crowd is notorious for stealing things from the men’s section and making them all their own — just look back in time at the rise of “boyfriend jeans” and “dad hats.” But if you ask me, any piece of clothing should be fair game for anyone if it means a killer outfit — and, there’s one affordable item in particular that’s I can see trending as this year unfolds, regardless of gender: oversized, long-sleeved tees being worn as an IT item! If you want to get really symbolic and stand out in the crowd, consider this yet another example of how oversized clothing might be fashion’s way of dealing with the turbulent times we live in. Regardless, I’ll definitely be stocking up on this trend even with oversized hoodies to get through the winter season too.

The only question is: Will you?