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Because a flexible mind is a flexible body.

Because a flexible body is a flexible mind.

There are many elements of a workout routine however the most overlooked component is usually the stretching portion of the workout session.

“Stretching can help to alleviate joint and muscle pain as well as improve strength, power, performance and overall function by allowing the body to maximally activate muscles from their optimal length.”  In general stretching improves flexibility allowing for restoration of muscle length and increases in range of motion.

The ideal time to stretch is at the end of your workout. You will be fully warmed up and there will be good blood flow to your muscles. Always stretch gently, remember it should not be painful, you should feel the tightness in a good way. Keep breathing while you stretch and hold your stretch for 30 seconds.

Perform Dynamic Stretches: Pre-Exercise Moves: high knees, butt kickers, side kicks, skipping, arm circles

To some of you this is all new or maybe you do not find the click on how to incorporate it in your routine, but remember it is all about small steps and no matter how new you are, how far you have to go, how weak you think you are, how out of shape you may feel …you can rise above!