Arwa TM

It is difficult to get bored if you’re always doing something new!

It’s a roller coaster ride when it comes to my training routine. Some weeks I train everyday. At times, twice a day. And some weeks I do not train at all.  Some sessions I really push myself and some sessions I just enjoy fooling around. It’s not all about habit and it’s not always about consistency. It’s about finding what works for your lifestyle and your body.

For a change from indoor training, take your session outdoors. You may not find all the equipment you need, but nature will never let you down! You can add some creativity and you will have the best sweat out session. In general, nature refreshes and energizes. A study published that, fresh air and increased oxygen help release serotonin-meaning your outdoor training sessions not only help keep you fit and healthy, but they put you in a great mood.

These circuits can be done almost anywhere, just use your own body weight and very little equipment is required. Try these out:

Workout 1

5 rounds:

45/15 second intervals Jumping Jacks
45/15 Freehand Jump Squat
45/15 Burpees
45/15 Mountain Climbers

Workout 2

5 rounds:

50 reps Bodyweight Squat
40 reps Walking Lunge
30 reps Mountain Climbers
20 reps Bench jump
10 reps Burpees

Outdoor workouts always provide new challenges for your mind and body, it helps you relieve some stress and make you feel better. It is difficult to get bored if you’re always doing something new!